Booking Quotation

A. Add Booking quotation

Step 1 - Click on Booking from sidebar menu.

Step 2 - Click on Booking Quotation from Booking menu.

Step 3 - Click on Green plus " (+) " icon.

Step 4 - Click on new customer if it is not created or select customer.

Step 5 - Add pick up and drop off date & time.

Step 6 - Select vehicle and driver.

Step 7 - Add number of travellers.

Step 8 - Select type of day and add ( km ) of ride.

Step 9 - Add Pick up and drop off address.

Step 10 - Add relevant note if required and click on submit button.

Note : - User can add or apply tax charges by adding from settings module --> general settings.

B.Manage Booking Quotation

Manage Booking quotation includes :-

1) Delete and multi delete Booking Quotation.

2) Apply search and multi search here.

4) User can approve ✅ or reject ❌ booking quotation.

Approve or Reject Booking Quotation

To approve quotation, User must input above all the necessary information.once approved it will appear in "Manage Booking."

C. Action - Setting icon

Receipt Of Booking Quotations

User can view and print the receipt for the booking quotation.

Edit Booking Quotations

Booking quotation can be edited at anytime if required.

Archive Booking Quotations

Choosing the archive option will delete the booking quotation.

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