API Settings

You can enable or disable API from here and have other settings which will reflect on your API and hence on the mobile app.

General API Settings

You may turn on or off APIs here.

API: You can add a customized API here based on your needs.

Google Location API: You must provide an API key in the Driver Maps section in order to enable the Google Location API option. By turning on this feature, the user will be able to receive address recommendations from Google Maps when creating a new booking.

Anyone can register: You have the choice to activate or disable registration.

Driver Review System: The admin can examine the list of newly added driver reviews from the Android app by turning on this feature.

Region Availability: You can type the name of your region here.

Maximum Time a Trip can Go(in Days): Admin can choose the maximum number of days for a trip here.

Future booking timing (in days): You can specify how many days in advance you can reserve a vehicle in the future.

Cancel timing (in days): Here, you may indicate how many days before your trip you can cancel.

Firebase Settings

Steps to store firebase Database URL which is used in Android APP and to track Drivers in Admin panel

  1. Sign in to Firebase Console and generate new private key of your firebase project which you will used for Fleet manager.

  2. Rename your downloaded file to firebase_credentials.json

  3. Replace your file at PROJECT_FOLDER/framework/storage/firebase/ location

  4. Then store your firebase Database URL here.

Refere below image to get your firebase private key.

App Notification

For Android apps that use Cloud Messaging, you can input the legacy server's API key here.

Driver Maps

To track driver positions, respond to suggestions in bookings, and determine total mileage, input the API key.

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