Work Orders

A work order indicates that the vehicle is being sent to the vendor company for repair. So, the user needs to first enter all the repair-related details including parts and vendor.

A.Add Work Order

o Vehicle Select vehicle from active vehicles only.

o Vendor Select vendor name vendors.

o Required by Enter the required date for vehicle.

o Mechanics Select mechanic (First create from mechanic module)

o Km(Reading) Enter Vehicle (km).

o Work Order price Enter price of work order.

o Note Add relevant note if required.

o Description Describe vehicle's condition.

o Status Add status according to the action taken against it.

o Select part Select part and click on attach part, add quantity required.

B. Manage Work Order

o Show entries (10,25,50 & 100).

o Apply search and multi search.

o Apply delete and multi delete.

User can change work order details at any time as needed.

User can delete or clear the work order history.

User can view all of the new parts that have been added to the vehicle.

C.Work Order History

D. Mechanics

A mechanic is a skilled professional who specializes in repairing, maintaining, and servicing , engines, vehicles, or other mechanical systems. User can keep records of these mechanics to make efficient vehicle repair system.

o Add Mechanic

Create Mechanics by adding their basic information.

o Manage Mechanic

It contains following information :

o Apply search and multi search.

o Apply delete and multi delete.

o Show entries (10,25,50 & 100).

Admin can edit mechanics details as per the requirement.

Admin can clear mechanic details at any time.

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