Manage Vehicles

A. Add Vehicle

Follow these steps to add new vehicle.

Select Vehicle Make : Admin is required to select the vehicle company like Tata, Maruti or any other vehicle company.

In case your vehicle make name is not listed in the available options, you can input it into the designated text box to include it in the make list.

Example :-

Select Vehicle Model : Admin is required to select the vehicle model.

In case your vehicle model name is not listed in the available options, you can input it into the designated text box to include it in the model list.

Example :-

Vehicle Type : Enter sedan, bus, truck or any other vehicle type.

(First create vehicle type from Manage Vehicle Type after add vehicle.)

Traccar Device Id: In order to monitor the vehicle's location, the administrator needs to input the traccar device id when add or edit a vehicle.

Vehicle Year: Enter the vehicle manufacturing year of vehicle.

Average (km per gallon): Enter the vehicle's average km per gallon ( 1 US gallon is defined as 3.7854 litres).

Initial Mileage (Km): Enter the details of how many kilometres the vehicle has been driven before purchase.

vehicle image: Upload vehicle's image.

Registration Expiry Date: Select the registration expiry date of the vehicle.

In service? : User can enable or disable the toggle button to specify whether your vehicle is in service or not.

Note : Only Enabled vehicles are eligible for the operations like (Bookings, Add fuel, Transactions , Add work order)

Select Vehicle Colour: Here you can select your vehicle colour.

In case your vehicle colour name is not listed in the available options, you can input it into the designated text box to include it in the colour list.

Example :-

Vehicle Engine Type : Select the vehicle engine type like Petrol or Diesel.

Vehicle Horse Power : Enter the horse power of your vehicle.

VIN : Enter engine number.

License Plate : Enter vehicle number.

License Expiration Date : Enter the expiry date of your driver's license.

Example: You have a fleet business in USA and Canada. You create two vehicle groups for USA and Canada, only users of USA vehicle group can change to USA vehicle group, users of Canada vehicle group cannot change to USA vehicle group.

Add User Defined Field: Here user can create fields as per their requirements.

After clicking on the submit button, the user is redirected to the edit vehicle page. Editing is possible when adding a new vehicle to the system.

B. Edit Vehicle

Edit Vehicle – General Information

Edit the details in General Information tab as per your requirement and click in submit button.

Edit Vehicle – Vehicle Insurance

After clicking on submit button and move to insurance filed and add the insurance number, documents with its expiry date and click on the submit button.

Edit Vehicle - Vehicle Purchase Info

Add or edit expenses incurred while buying the vehicle and user can enter expense type and expense amount.

Edit Vehicle - Assign Driver

User can assign driver to particular vehicle. user can assign multiple vehicles to a single driver.

It enables driver to add inspection and view reports for the assigned vehicle only from their profile.

C. Manage Vehicles

Admin can perform various operation for vehicles in different ways according to the requirement.

o Add new vehicle

o Show Vehicle’s Entries (10, 25 & 100)

o Search Vehicle

o Apply multi search

o Delete vehicle

Action column setting icon includes various multiple operations against recorded vehicles.

o Edit Vehicle - User can Edit the vehicle information.

o Delete Vehicle - User can delete the vehicle.

o View Vehicle - User can access the information about a vehicle with single click.

o Disable Vehicle - User can directly enable or disable vehicle directly from here.

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