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Fleet Frontend

Fleet frontend is also known as client side, is the part of application that the user interacts with user directly.
The fleet frontend comprises various components or modules, allowing the admin to directly configure content from this interface, enhancing the application's frontend.
It consists of various componenets or elements :
Testimonials are statements or endorsements that express positive feedback, recommendations, or reviews about service that can be featured on website.
Team refers to a component or module responsible for displaying information about a team.This could include details about team members,their roles withihn the organization and perhaps some interactive features or visual elements to enhance the user experience.
An inquiry means a customer refers to the act of seeking information, knowledge, or answers to questions.
It offers details about the website to enhance the user's understanding.
It provides quick and helpful information to users, customers, or visitors who might have queries about a particular product, service, website, or topic.