Installation Guide

Go through following installation process.


You will need the following to upload this app.

  1. Linux Server with LAMP/LEMP. (php version should be > 8.1.3)

  2. FTP Tool to upload files to Server (eg: FileZilla)

  3. Mysql Tool to create database.

How to Install Fleet Manager

Upload via FTP Server

After downloading the script, upload it to your server using ftp client. If already installed on server, you can just visit your domain to continue with setup procedure. Also make sure your server/localhost runs PHP 7.4.13 or above

Server Requirements:

  • PHP version 8.1.3 or above

  • List of PHP Extensions:

    • BCMath PHP Extension

    • Ctype PHP Extension

    • Fileinfo PHP Extension

    • GMP PHP Extension

    • JSON PHP Extension

    • Mbstring PHP Extension

    • OpenSSL PHP Extension

    • PDO PHP Extension

    • Tokenizer PHP Extension

    • XML PHP Extension

Once everything is done you will see installation screen on your browser when you open the script url hosted on your domain. You need to enter 5 details on that screen. Below is the list.

  1. Purchase Code <- You receive this when you purchase the script from CodeCanyon

  2. Mysql/MariaDB server address

  3. Database UserName

  4. Database UserPassword

  5. Database Name

Installation will Continue if above details are correct. If you still get problems with installation you can always contact us. We'll respond to you within 48 hours. you can get in touch using below buttons.

Fleet 6 Upgrade


Configure Email

The script comes with built in email configuration which is fake. You will not get any emails unless you enter your email server details in our email configuration file. Below are the steps to configure email account with script.

  • Open mail.php file which is located inside config folder.

  • Replace with your SMTP HOST.

  • Replace with your Email Address.

  • Replace Fleet Manager with your Business Name.

  • Replace with your Email Address.

  • Replace your-email-password with your Email Address Password.

  • Save The File and upload it to your server

Keep in mind that above Email Settings will be used for communication inside the script.

Configure Notification

To configure fleet manager notifications

  1. You have to add expiration dates while adding new vehicles, drivers and set service reminders for vehicles.

  2. then set cronjob in your control panel and run schedule command.

Run this schedule on every minute in your control panel

/usr/local/bin/php7x /home/YOUR_FLEET_FOLDER_NAME/public_html/framework/artisan schedule:run

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