Manage Bookings

Manage Bookings

Here you can add, edit, delete, multiple delete, cancel and search bookings.

Add Bookings

Here, you can select from existing customers or add new ones. You can choose pick-up and drop-off times and dates. You can specify car, driver, pickup and drop-off addresses as well as any other notes. User-defined fields can be added here.

Edit Booking

You may adjust all of the fields here to suit your needs.

Cancel Bookings

You can cancel the booking by giving the reason here.

Delete Bookings

Here you can easily delete the booking.

Generate Invoice

Here you can generate an invoice.
Here you can print the booking as per your requirement.
Here you can search for a single record or multiple records from different fields.

Delete Multiple Records

Here you can select multiple bookings and delete them in a single click.