Manage Bookings

A. Manage Bookings

o User can take print of bookings
o Apply search and multi search
o Add new booking with (+) icon.
o Apply delete and multi delete.
o User can view different payment and booking statuses based on the action taken for each.

B. Action - Setting icon

Edit Booking

User can edit booking details from here.

Cancel Booking

To cancel booking, follow below steps.
Step - 1
First user is required to add reasons for booking cancellation from setting - reason for cancellation to cancel booking.
Step - 2
After completing the first step, users can now view all the added reasons and effortlessly cancel their bookings.

Delete Booking

User can easily delete the booking from this action icon.

Generate Invoice

Before adding details, user is required to set some criteria from setting module.
Below image guides user for generating invoice for particular booking.
Image 1.


o Km (mileage) - Displayed value (Km) guides admin to decide the rate of ride however here 10 km can be modified by the admin while generating invoice.
o Waiting time (in minutes) - Add waiting time (5 min here) and charges for extra 5 min would be added in the total amount.
o Tax charges - Set tax charges from Setting Module -> General Settings ( as dispalyed below in image 2) because it cannot be modified by the admin directly from here.
o Amount - Displayed amount (₹500) is default amount which is calculated on the basis of the data inserted in Setting Module -> General Settings however it can be changed by admin directly from here if required.
Image 2.
User is required to set base or default charges according to the vehicle type, km & day type additionally waiting charges are to be set as per minute.

Complete Journey

after generating invoice, admin can see another two options i.e complete journey and receipt for completed journey.
Complete Journey


admin can generate receipt for the booking once ride is finished successfully.

Make payment

once invoice is generated, user can make payment for the ride.