Drivers Features

  • Drivers can login to the system.
  • Driver's Dashboard they can see their bookings and profile details.
  • Driver can edit their own profile.
  • Drivers can create notes for them self and they can also see notes created by System user for them.
  • Drivers can change login password for their account.
  • Driver can add fuel for his vehicle if admin allowed fuel mgmt for Drivers.
  • Driver can view inspections of his vehicle.

Manage Drivers

Here you can see all the drivers which is created by default or by you. You can Change password for any driver and Disable or enable them.

Add Driver

Here you can enter new driver details. We have tried to include all the necessary fields for drivers. All the fields are self explanatory.

Edit Driver

Here you can edit driver. Make Sure That Employee ID, Contract Number, License Number and Email address are unique.

Import Drivers

Download the sample excel file, arrange the driver details accordingly. this feature enable you to add multiple records of driver in couple of seconds.
Last modified 4mo ago