A. Add Driver

As below User can add driver details.

First Name Add the driver's first name.

Middle Name Add the driver's middle name.

Last Name Add the driver's last name.

Assigned Vehicle You can assign a vehicle to a driver.

Address Add the residential address of the driver.

Email Add the email id of the driver.

Phone Number Add the driver's phone number or mobile number.

Employee ID Add the employee ID of the driver.

Contract Number Add the driver's contract number.

License Number Add driver's license number.

Issue Date Add the driving license issue date.

Expiration Date Add the expiry date of the driver's license.

Join Date Add the driver's company joining date.

Leave Date Add the date the driver left the company.

Password Add a new password for the driver.

Type of Driver Commission: Two options are available for commission

  1. Amount : If admin select an amount, it means you will pay a fixed amount to that driver.

  2. Percentage : If admin select percentage. It means you will work with a driver on a percentage basis and you will pay xyz% to that driver.

Gender: Select Male or Female radio button.

Driver: Upload a photo of the driver.

Documents : Upload driver’s national identifiers. (ID Proof)

License Image: Admin can upload the driver's license image. Emergency Contact Details: Add the contact details of the driver's relative, neighbour, friend or any other person who may be available to the driver in a critical situation.

Emergency Contact Details: Add driver ‘s alternative contact details which might be required in an emergency.

B.Manage Drivers

Admin can view the details of all drivers by default or created by you. You can add or import drivers from excel sheet and change id. You can sort and search driver data according to requirement.

Show Driver's Entries

Here admin can see the list of drivers according to your requirements like 10, 25, 50 and 100.

Search Drivers

By clicking on the search box, you can search for drivers by their name, email id or account creation date.

Admin can search in multiple fields for specific data.

Example: You have multiple driver named "Carlos" but you want to find the name "Carlos" who has a Hotmail ID. The system will generate below result.

Import Drivers

Admin can download the sample Excel file and fill the data in the file format accordingly. With this option, you can add multiple driver records in seconds.

Delete multiple or all drivers

Admin can select multiple or all drivers to delete drivers according to your needs

Arrange Drivers In Ascending Or Descending Order

You can view driver details in ascending or descending order according to your needs. You can apply in ascending or descending order of serial number, name, email and account creation date.

Edit Driver

Here you can change the driver's first name, middle name, last name, assigned vehicle, address, phone number, issue date, expiry date, joining date, leave date, password, driver commission type, driver, documents and license image. You can not change employee id, contract number, license number and email address because it's unique.

Change Driver's Password

Admin can reset the driver's password.

Delete Driver.

Admin can delete or remove the driver.

Enable / Disable Driver

If the driver is not available you can disable the driver. When the driver becomes available, you can enable the driver.

Driver Features (Driver Profile - Uses Default System)

Features :-

o Driver can log in and use their dashboard.

o Driver can view bookings and profile details on their dashboard.

o Driver can edit their own profile details as per his conveniency.

o Driver can create notes for themselves and they can also view notes created for them by system users.

o Driver can change their login passwords.

o Driver can view the assigned vehicles to them and those allocated for booking. all the fuel entries can be added for the selected vehicle as per the requirement.

o Driver can view the assigned vehicles to them and those allocated for booking. Income and expenses can be added and edited as per the requirement for the selected vehicle.

o Driver can view the assigned vehicles to them and those allocated for booking.(It means an admin is required to assign a vehicle to specific driver while adding vehicle in system.)

o Driver can see monthly and yearly report of income and expense for the Driver can view the assigned vehicles to them and those allocated for booking.

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