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Version History & Change Log

Version 6

Change Log 6.0

Important Note: Do not upgrade from old version.

Bug Fixes

  • fare values changed to decimal points from integer.
  • customer will get email for website booking as well.
  • jpeg image upload fixed.
  • missing data added in fuel report.
  • distance unit label fetched from settings.

New Features

  • Laravel version changed: 5.8.38 > 8.61.0
  • New modules added: vehicle makers, vehicle models, vehicle colors, mechanics for work orders
  • Inspection list added in driver profile.
  • Vehicle maker, models and colors mgmt added.
  • Fuel management settings added for driver.
  • Admin approval settings added for website bookings.
  • User Roles and permissions added.
  • Reset password email localization.
  • Romanian language added for admin panel.
  • Work order report added.
  • Mechanic can be assign to work orders.
  • User/Admin wise saving records for all modules.
  • Copy right text settings added for footer in admin panel and website.
  • Export (PDF, CSV, Excel) button added for vehicle list.


  • New Customer website UI.
  • Customer website changed from vue.js to Laravel.
  • Customer online payment redirection added in website if admin approval not required.
  • Booking email will be send to customer once booking done from website.
  • New Albanian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Traditional Chinese localizations added for website.

Version 5

Change Log 5.0

Bug Fixes

  • Pickup date-time issue fixed while adding new booking from frontend.

New Features

  • Laravel version update: 5.8.36 > 5.8.38
  • SMS notification feature(using twilio) added for drivers & customers.
  • Twilio SMS settings added.
  • Payment gateway(stripe, razorpay) settings added.
  • Online payment feature added in frontend.


  • Make Payment button added in booking history page to make online payment for bookings having booking receipts added by admin.

Version 4

Change Log 4.0.3

Bug Fixes

  • mimes validation added in vehicle insurance document
  • users permission issue fixed for super admin
  • on driver delete assigned vehicle of that driver is removed from assigned vehicle list so that it can be assign to other driver
  • on vehicle delete assigned driver of that vehicle is removed from assigned driver list so that it can be assign to other vehicle
  • old vehicle will be free while assigning new vehicle to driver

New Features

  • Arabic language added in fleet frontend
  • start date textbox added for service reminder
  • insurance number and insurance expiration date added in import excel feature of vehicles
  • "Clear Database" button added in general settings to delete all demo data in 1 click.


  • Arabic language added
  • Session added for easy booking flow
  • Ux changes to improve booking experience
  • Google map api fixes
  • Added vehicle details modal when clicked on vehicle slide in homepage
  • Supports multiple date formats

Change log 4.0.2

  • tax charges settings added in "Settings > General Settings"
  • fuel qty unit(gallon / litre) setting option added for fuel entries in "Settings > General Settings"
  • Assignd driver name column added in vehicles list
  • cancel booking option added for bookings
  • Arabic language added for admin panel
  • now admin can Enable/disable frontend from "Settings > Frontend Settings" menu
  • change frontend language (english / spanish) from "Settings > Frontend Settings" menu
  • google map autocomplete address added in frontend booking
  • now users(selected users in "Settings > Email Notification") will receive email notifications for vehicle registration expirations, service reminders, vehicle insurance expirations, vehicle licence expirations and driver licence expirations

Bug Fixes:

  • date format validation added for date fields in fuel entries, work orders, notes, vehicles, drivers

Change log 4.0.1

  • Added Support for php 7.4
  • Installer folder moved to assets
  • Bulk delete option added
  • Vendor: country, postal code fields added
  • Individual column search option in tables
  • Testimonials module added
  • Frontend settings added
  • Messages added in menu
  • Average field added in vehicles
  • img files folder moved in assets (merge as images folder)
  • Default service item time interval added in general settings
  • Now time interval is optional in service item
  • Attach parts to work order
  • Import records functionality added for customers, vendors, income categories, expense categories, drivers, vehicles
  • Generate invoice for booking before complete journey
  • Quotation module added for booking quotations
  • Company services module for frontend
  • Team module added
  • Date wise chart added on dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Mimes type validations for file uploads
  • Logo image height-width
  • Update vehicle mileage while fuel up
  • Unused files removed
  • Customer can not complete journey or make payment
  • Remove edit button from booking after journey complete
  • Gender column added in customer's index page
  • Vehicle-group filter added for user who is not admin and assigned to vehicle group.
  • Now user can see report of particular module if admin given that module permission to that user.
  • Now user can only see records of bookings, fuel entries, vehicle inspection, booking quotations, work orders, transactions, service reminders of vehicles which have same vehicle group.(if user is not assigned to any vehicle group or user is an admin then he can see records of all vehicles).
  • Vehicle,booking,income, expense count bug fixed on dashboard for user with particular vehicle group.
  • User can only see vehicle group assigned to him in manage vehicle group.
  • While importing excel of vehicles if user is assigned to any vehicle group then those vehicles will automatically pointed to same group assigned to user.
  • If user is assigned to any vehicle group and user is not admin then he can see all reports records for vehicles which have same vehicle group.

Version 3

Change log 3.1.3

  • API guide link added in API settings.
  • Enable/disable email notification from "Settings > Email Notification"

Change log 3.1.2

  • Google places API setting added in API settings to enable/disable google places API in bookings

Bug fixes

  • get_settings API change (now in vehicle types detail only icon name will be pass instead of full icon URL)
  • Vehicle type icon name change (icon image name will be like: vehicle_type_132456)

Change log 3.1.1

Bug fixes

  • Bookings/ new booking : pickup address and drop off address must be different.
  • For new bookings: ride_status="Upcoming", accept_status=1 (means assigned driver have accepted the ride)

Change log 3.1.0

  • Work order history added
  • Income & expense reports added with detailed info
  • Gender radio button added in customers
  • Browser notifications
  • Vehicle types module added
  • Different fare settings for every vehicle type
  • Driver logs added for driver assigned to vehicle
  • Parts module added with dynamic parts category
  • We can add custom fields in vehicles,bookings,vendors
  • Monthly pie chart for vehicle expenses added in dashboard
  • Now we can also see past year's line chart in dashboard by selecting year from drop-down
  • Assign vehicle to driver from drivers module
  • Driver will get notification for his booking from admin panel if he is online
  • Google places API added to autocomplete location in "New Booking" for pickup and drop off address
  • Login,forgot password,reset password page - design change
  • Laravel Framework updated to 5.8.21

Bug fixes

  • Customer can book only his/her own ride by login
  • Vendor reports undefined variable issue fixed
  • Some design issue fixed
  • Transactions/ manage income and transactions/ manage expense - today's count decrement issue fixed while deleting record
  • Driver can only able to add his own "note", driver can not add note for other users
  • Line chart height issue fixed for mobile view

Change log 3.0.1

  • Changes in API
  • Users => Add User : Module permissions checkbox added
  • Vehicles => Vehicle Inspection Module
  • Reports => Print Button, Export Buttons Added
  • Few More Reports
  • Works Orders => Create Work Order => Price Field Added
  • Settings => NEW API Settings , reasons for cancellation,email notification,set email content
  • Drivers Maps Module for tracking
  • Review Module for app
  • Directory Structure Changed for better understanding

Change log 3.0

  • API for APP Integration
  • User Permissions
  • Vehicle Groups
  • Email Notifications & Content Settings
  • Completed Services Merged in Work Orders
  • More Reports
  • Booking Reason for Cancellation
  • Removed Parts Inventory
  • Removed Technicians
  • Added 2 New languages: Traditional Chinese, Albanian
  • API Settings

Version 2

Change log 2.0

  • Completely New Design
  • Drivers can see their bookings and profile info
  • More information about Vehicles
  • Notes Module
  • Service Reminders for vehicles
  • Vendors report
  • Fixed Installation issue
  • Improved security
  • Bug fixes
  • File manager

Version 1

Change log 1.3

  • Added Fuel ups management
  • Added Insurance and Purchase details of Vehicles
  • Added automatic reminder notifications for renewals
  • Added date filter option for Income/Expense entries
  • Fixed language issue with data tables
  • Renamed some labels for better understanding
  • Removed unwanted validations to easily add customers
  • Moved Income/Expense categories from Vehicles drop-down to Transactions drop-down on Menu
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Change log 1.2

  • Added 4 Language Support: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Added Customer Management.
  • Added Booking Management System.
  • Booking Reports.
  • Added Calendar view for bookings
  • Minor Bug Fixes.

Change log 1.1

  • Fixed some critical bugs.
  • Included some Sample categories on new installations.
  • Added Analytical Charts to the dashboard to track your income and expenses.
  • Added Analytical Charts in Reports.

Change log 1.0

  • Added Docs inside the folder.
  • Added 4 More fields for drivers which are Contract Number, Employee Id, Start Date, End Date.
  • Changed Few Labels for better understanding
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