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Version History & Change Log

Version 6

Important Note: Do not upgrade from version < 6.1

Change Log 6.5

New Features

  • The notification now includes the vehicle's licence plate number, which is a helpful addition. This makes it easier for the user to identify the notification and its contents.

  • An additional status called "Ongoing" has been added to bookings, which helps users distinguish between rides that have not yet been completed and are therefore pending payment.

  • The reasons for cancelling a booking have been made more comprehensive and informative, which makes the booking process smoother.

  • Whenever a booking is cancelled, an email notification will be sent to both driver and customer.

  • The firm's tax number is now displayed on the booking receipt, which is entered in the General Settings.

  • The receipt text is now marked optional.

  • The admin can configure a required time interval for booking the same vehicle and driver from the General Settings. This will help to streamline bookings.

  • By default, newly created drivers will be enabled.

  • You can now enable or disable vehicles directly from managing vehicles.

Bug Fixes

  • In the previous version, drivers were unable to view vehicles assigned by administrators. This issue has been resolved, allowing drivers to effortlessly conduct inspections and access reports for all their assigned vehicles.

  • In the past, drivers were able to view cancelled or deleted bookings made by administrators in their individual profiles. However, this updated version has successfully addressed and resolved this issue.

  • In this latest version, drivers are unable to view fuel and transaction histories that have not been added by them for their assigned vehicles in their respective profiles.

  • Now, administrators are prevented from adding the same pickup and drop-off times when creating an inspection. Furthermore, they are also restricted from inputting identical outgoing and incoming kilometers.

  • The admin will receive an appropriate validation message when attempting to upload an invalid file in the entire fleet application.

  • Now, all Fleet users can enjoy an improved experience while using the Fleet application in multiple languages.

  • This updated release has successfully addressed all search and GUI-related issues from the admin's perspective.

  • In the previous version, the admin did not receive accurate validation messages when creating customers. This release has rectified this issue, and the admin will now receive pertinent error messages.

  • The booking calendar is now updated with any changes in bookings; as a result, admin users can view the updated calendar.

  • This updated project has resolved the issue of booking the same vehicle and driver by introducing a customized feature that enables the setting of intervals in the general settings.

  • The cancelled booking time and driver are now accessible for booking a new ride with them. Previously, administrators did not have the option to book a vehicle under these circumstances.

Change Log 6.4

Bug Fixes

  • In the latest version, a significant enhancement involves the removal of the "Assign Driver" option from the Driver tab. This modification significantly simplifies the user experience, enhancing the efficiency of driver management.

  • A previously existing bug that prevented driver names from being updated in earlier versions has been successfully resolved. As a result, all driver information is now accurately reflected and kept up-to-date.

  • The latest update has streamlined the process of adding vehicle details by removing the "Make," "Model," and "Color" tabs. Users can now easily input the make, model and colour of a vehicle directly from the "Manage Vehicle" tab.

  • While booking, only drivers who are currently active can be selected, and there must be an hour gap between their previous and new bookings.

  • The latest release of the Fleet project includes significant bug fixes related to driver payment reports, date-related issues, and the frontend datetime picker.

  • A notable bug addressed in the latest iteration of the Fleet Project involves the search functionality within the "manage parts" option in the parts tab. Previous versions suffered from issues that hindered users from effectively locating the required parts. However, in the latest version, this bug has been successfully rectified, significantly improving the search experience and empowering users to effortlessly find the parts they need.

  • A noteworthy addition in the latest version is the inclusion of a notification message to inform users when driver information has been updated. Unlike previous versions, where users received no message or notification regarding such updates, this new feature ensures that users are promptly notified when changes are made to driver information.

  • The Firebase connection issue with mobile has been successfully resolved, ensuring seamless data synchronization between the app and the cloud. Now, fleet managers can effectively track and manage their assets in real-time without any disruption. Advanced Firebase integration has significantly improved the reliability and performance of the entire system.

  • The issue related to adding fuel to driver login has been successfully resolved in Fleet Manager, allowing drivers to easily record and track fuel consumption each vehicle. A streamlined process ensures accurate fuel data and simplifies cost management for fleets.

New Features

  • The latest Fleet Project version 6.4, developed with Laravel 9, brings numerous new features, improvements, and bug fixes, enhancing user experience and streamlining fleet management.

  • An additional noteworthy feature introduced is the inclusion of a "show password" option when modifying passwords for users, drivers, and customers.

  • The latest version of Fleet Project, developed on Laravel 9, introduces a set of enhancements and features that further enhance its capabilities as a robust and user-friendly fleet management software solution.

  • The Fleet module introduces the eagerly awaited live tracking feature, a significant enhancement that expands fleet management capabilities. This groundbreaking functionality provides real-time vehicle location tracking within a fleet, revolutionizing the landscape of fleet management practices.

  • Fleet module introduces the highly anticipated Live Tracing feature, which enhances fleet management capabilities by providing real-time location tracking of vehicles within the fleet.

Change Log 6.3.1

  • One of the major changes in the new version is the removal of the "Assign Driver" option from the Driver tab. This change simplifies the user experience, making it easier and more efficient to manage drivers. Additionally, the bug that caused driver names not to change in previous versions has been fixed, ensuring that all driver information is up-to-date.

  • Another new feature is the addition of a "show password" option when changing passwords for users, drivers, and customers. This provides an added layer of security, allowing users to ensure that passwords are entered correctly and kept confidential.

  • The "make," "model," and "color" tabs have been removed, and users can now add vehicle make, model, and color directly from the "manage vehicle" tab. This change streamlines the process of adding and updating vehicle information, saving time and effort for fleet managers.

  • In addition, only active drivers can be selected in bookings, and there must be a one-hour gap between their previous and new bookings. This feature ensures that drivers have sufficient time between bookings to rest and recharge, reducing the risk of accidents and errors.

  • The new version of the Fleet Project also includes significant bug fixes related to driver payment reports, dates, and the frontend datetime picker. These bug fixes provide a more seamless and error-free user experience, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

  • Another bug that has been resolved in the latest version of the Fleet Project is related to the search functionality in the "manage parts" option in the parts tab. In previous versions, there were issues with the search feature, making it difficult for users to find the parts they needed. However, in the latest version, this bug has been fixed, making it much easier for users to search and find the parts they need. This improvement saves time and effort for fleet managers, allowing them to quickly and easily locate the parts required for maintenance and repair activities, and thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the fleet management process.

  • Certainly! Another important improvement in the new version of the Fleet Project is the addition of a message to notify users when driver information has been updated. In previous versions, there was no message or notification to inform users when driver information had been updated, which could lead to confusion and errors. However, in the latest version, a message is displayed to inform users when driver information has been updated, ensuring that all users are aware of any changes made to driver information. This improvement helps to improve communication and reduce the risk of errors related to outdated driver information, making the Fleet Project an even more valuable tool for fleet managers.

  • Overall, the new version of the Fleet Project on Laravel 9 brings a range of improvements and new features that make it an even more powerful and user-friendly fleet management software. From streamlining driver management to enhancing vehicle information management and improving security, the Fleet Project continues to innovate and improve the way fleet managers operate.

Change Log 6.1

Bug Fixes

  • Drivers API related changes implemented due to Drivers & Vehicles many-to-many assignments.

  • Drivers Live locations API bug fixed.

New Feature

  • Dark Mode added (User can manage this settings in their profile section).

  • Sidebar Menu search functionality implemented.

  • Admin Dashboard UI updated.

  • Fontawesome Plugin version updated to 6.1.1

  • Drivers and User now have detailed page on their respective list, and to view Detailed page you have to click on Name column of their list.

  • Driver Commission functionality added. In this We can Add Driver Commission Percentage wise or fixed Amount in Drivers Add/Edit page.

  • Reports > Driver Payment Report new module added. where Admin can see all Driver commission list bookings wise and also have form where can add driver commission partially or fully to manage Driver Ledger.

Change Log 6.0.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fuel qty changed to decimal value from integer.

  • Vehicles list search issue resolved.

  • Notification Reminder records duplication issue fixed.

  • Vehicle list search issue resolved when login having "Admin" role.

  • Fuel Module 500 Error page issue fixed when login having "Admin" role.

  • Email Notification Reminder same day multiple emails issue fixed.

  • Admin user (not Super Admin) User Fuel History and Add Fuel page issue solved.

  • Vehicles list duplicate records display issue fixed.

New Feature

  • Image upload field added for vehicle inspection and fuel modules.

  • Added PWA Support.

Change Log 6.0.2

Bug Fixes

  • removed images on deletion of users, drivers, vendors, vehicles, parts.

  • Integer and required validation added for no. of passengers in Frontend Booking APIs.

  • Selected vehicle type will be display in booking list added from website.

  • Database dump fixes.

New Features

  • Chat feature added for drivers and backoffice users.

  • Custom time config settings added for Book Now type of booking requests.

  • Date wise logging.

  • Ajax datatables added for listing pages.

  • Paystack payment gateway added.

  • Many vehicles can be assigned to one driver and viceversa.

Change Log 6.0.1

Bug Fixes

  • Reports printing text overflow fixed.

  • Book now button form redirection fixed in website.

  • Deleted user/customer/driver can re-register with same email fixed.

  • Database migration and seed removed from installation process, now SQL database dump will be imported directly while installation.

  • Available vehicle dropdown listing issue fixed on date change in add,edit booking pages.

New Features

  • Export buttons added for parts mgmt.

  • Edit profile menu added for customer in website.

  • Each driver can do the inspection of their assigned vehicle and post it from their login.

  • New settings added for driver so that they can manage expense and income for trip of his assigned vehicle.

Change Log 6.0.0

Bug Fixes

  • fare values changed to decimal points from integer.

  • customer will get email for website booking as well.

  • jpeg image upload fixed.

  • missing data added in fuel report.

  • distance unit label fetched from settings.

New Features

  • Laravel version changed: 5.8.38 > 8.61.0

  • New modules added: vehicle makers, vehicle models, vehicle colors, mechanics for work orders

  • Inspection list added in driver profile.

  • Vehicle maker, models and colors mgmt added.

  • Fuel management settings added for driver.

  • Admin approval settings added for website bookings.

  • User Roles and permissions added.

  • Reset password email localization.

  • Romanian language added for admin panel.

  • Work order report added.

  • Mechanic can be assign to work orders.

  • User/Admin wise saving records for all modules.

  • Copy right text settings added for footer in admin panel and website.

  • Export (PDF, CSV, Excel) button added for vehicle list.


  • New Customer website UI.

  • Customer website changed from vue.js to Laravel.

  • Customer online payment redirection added in website if admin approval not required.

  • Booking email will be send to customer once booking done from website.

  • New Albanian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Traditional Chinese localizations added for website.

Version 5

Change Log 5.0

Bug Fixes

  • Pickup date-time issue fixed while adding new booking from frontend.

New Features

  • Laravel version update: 5.8.36 > 5.8.38

  • SMS notification feature(using twilio) added for drivers & customers.

  • Twilio SMS settings added.

  • Payment gateway(stripe, razorpay) settings added.

  • Online payment feature added in frontend.


  • Make Payment button added in booking history page to make online payment for bookings having booking receipts added by admin.

Version 4

Change Log 4.0.3

Bug Fixes

  • mimes validation added in vehicle insurance document

  • users permission issue fixed for super admin

  • on driver delete assigned vehicle of that driver is removed from assigned vehicle list so that it can be assign to other driver

  • on vehicle delete assigned driver of that vehicle is removed from assigned driver list so that it can be assign to other vehicle

  • old vehicle will be free while assigning new vehicle to driver

New Features

  • Arabic language added in fleet frontend

  • start date textbox added for service reminder

  • insurance number and insurance expiration date added in import excel feature of vehicles

  • "Clear Database" button added in general settings to delete all demo data in 1 click.


  • Arabic language added

  • Session added for easy booking flow

  • Ux changes to improve booking experience

  • Google map api fixes

  • Added vehicle details modal when clicked on vehicle slide in homepage

  • Supports multiple date formats

Change log 4.0.2

  • tax charges settings added in "Settings > General Settings"

  • fuel qty unit(gallon / litre) setting option added for fuel entries in "Settings > General Settings"

  • Assignd driver name column added in vehicles list

  • cancel booking option added for bookings

  • Arabic language added for admin panel

  • now admin can Enable/disable frontend from "Settings > Frontend Settings" menu

  • change frontend language (english / spanish) from "Settings > Frontend Settings" menu

  • google map autocomplete address added in frontend booking

  • now users(selected users in "Settings > Email Notification") will receive email notifications for vehicle registration expirations, service reminders, vehicle insurance expirations, vehicle licence expirations and driver licence expirations

Bug Fixes:

  • date format validation added for date fields in fuel entries, work orders, notes, vehicles, drivers

Change log 4.0.1

  • Added Support for php 7.4

  • Installer folder moved to assets

  • Bulk delete option added

  • Vendor: country, postal code fields added

  • Individual column search option in tables

  • Testimonials module added

  • Frontend settings added

  • Messages added in menu

  • Average field added in vehicles

  • img files folder moved in assets (merge as images folder)

  • Default service item time interval added in general settings

  • Now time interval is optional in service item

  • Attach parts to work order

  • Import records functionality added for customers, vendors, income categories, expense categories, drivers, vehicles

  • Generate invoice for booking before complete journey

  • Quotation module added for booking quotations

  • Company services module for frontend

  • Team module added

  • Date wise chart added on dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Mimes type validations for file uploads

  • Logo image height-width

  • Update vehicle mileage while fuel up

  • Unused files removed

  • Customer can not complete journey or make payment

  • Remove edit button from booking after journey complete

  • Gender column added in customer's index page

  • Vehicle-group filter added for user who is not admin and assigned to vehicle group.

  • Now user can see report of particular module if admin given that module permission to that user.

  • Now user can only see records of bookings, fuel entries, vehicle inspection, booking quotations, work orders, transactions, service reminders of vehicles which have same vehicle group.(if user is not assigned to any vehicle group or user is an admin then he can see records of all vehicles).

  • Vehicle,booking,income, expense count bug fixed on dashboard for user with particular vehicle group.

  • User can only see vehicle group assigned to him in manage vehicle group.

  • While importing excel of vehicles if user is assigned to any vehicle group then those vehicles will automatically pointed to same group assigned to user.

  • If user is assigned to any vehicle group and user is not admin then he can see all reports records for vehicles which have same vehicle group.

Version 3

Change log 3.1.3

  • API guide link added in API settings.

  • Enable/disable email notification from "Settings > Email Notification"

Change log 3.1.2

  • Google places API setting added in API settings to enable/disable google places API in bookings

Bug fixes

  • get_settings API change (now in vehicle types detail only icon name will be pass instead of full icon URL)

  • Vehicle type icon name change (icon image name will be like: vehicle_type_132456)

Change log 3.1.1

Bug fixes

  • Bookings/ new booking : pickup address and drop off address must be different.

  • For new bookings: ride_status="Upcoming", accept_status=1 (means assigned driver have accepted the ride)

Change log 3.1.0

  • Work order history added

  • Income & expense reports added with detailed info

  • Gender radio button added in customers

  • Browser notifications

  • Vehicle types module added

  • Different fare settings for every vehicle type

  • Driver logs added for driver assigned to vehicle

  • Parts module added with dynamic parts category

  • We can add custom fields in vehicles,bookings,vendors

  • Monthly pie chart for vehicle expenses added in dashboard

  • Now we can also see past year's line chart in dashboard by selecting year from drop-down

  • Assign vehicle to driver from drivers module

  • Driver will get notification for his booking from admin panel if he is online

  • Google places API added to autocomplete location in "New Booking" for pickup and drop off address

  • Login,forgot password,reset password page - design change

  • Laravel Framework updated to 5.8.21

Bug fixes

  • Customer can book only his/her own ride by login

  • Vendor reports undefined variable issue fixed

  • Some design issue fixed

  • Transactions/ manage income and transactions/ manage expense - today's count decrement issue fixed while deleting record

  • Driver can only able to add his own "note", driver can not add note for other users

  • Line chart height issue fixed for mobile view

Change log 3.0.1

  • Changes in API

  • Users => Add User : Module permissions checkbox added

  • Vehicles => Vehicle Inspection Module

  • Reports => Print Button, Export Buttons Added

  • Few More Reports

  • Works Orders => Create Work Order => Price Field Added

  • Settings => NEW API Settings , reasons for cancellation,email notification,set email content

  • Drivers Maps Module for tracking

  • Review Module for app

  • Directory Structure Changed for better understanding

Change log 3.0

  • API for APP Integration

  • User Permissions

  • Vehicle Groups

  • Email Notifications & Content Settings

  • Completed Services Merged in Work Orders

  • More Reports

  • Booking Reason for Cancellation

  • Removed Parts Inventory

  • Removed Technicians

  • Added 2 New languages: Traditional Chinese, Albanian

  • API Settings

Version 2

Change log 2.0

  • Completely New Design

  • Drivers can see their bookings and profile info

  • More information about Vehicles

  • Notes Module

  • Service Reminders for vehicles

  • Vendors report

  • Fixed Installation issue

  • Improved security

  • Bug fixes

  • File manager

Version 1

Change log 1.3

  • Added Fuel ups management

  • Added Insurance and Purchase details of Vehicles

  • Added automatic reminder notifications for renewals

  • Added date filter option for Income/Expense entries

  • Fixed language issue with data tables

  • Renamed some labels for better understanding

  • Removed unwanted validations to easily add customers

  • Moved Income/Expense categories from Vehicles drop-down to Transactions drop-down on Menu

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Change log 1.2

  • Added 4 Language Support: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.

  • Added Customer Management.

  • Added Booking Management System.

  • Booking Reports.

  • Added Calendar view for bookings

  • Minor Bug Fixes.

Change log 1.1

  • Fixed some critical bugs.

  • Included some Sample categories on new installations.

  • Added Analytical Charts to the dashboard to track your income and expenses.

  • Added Analytical Charts in Reports.

Change log 1.0

  • Added Docs inside the folder.

  • Added 4 More fields for drivers which are Contract Number, Employee Id, Start Date, End Date.

  • Changed Few Labels for better understanding

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