A report from your fleet management software provides a thorough picture of your fleet operations. It is a thorough, personalized report. It gives you access to most crucial data about your company.

Income Report

You can find out everything about your income. Which vehicle earns the most money can be analyzed. You can review annual and monthly income reports. Additionally, you can generate revenue reports based on vehicle, date, amount and miles. All your reports can also be exported in Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

Expense Report

An expense report that keeps you informed about your monthly and yearly spending is offered by the fleet management software. Additionally, it gives information on how much you pay and for what kind of vehicle. Which justification do you pay for? And what day do you pay your bills? Users of this software can also make extra notes.

Delinquent Report

The delinquency report details each month's profit or loss for a certain vehicle.

Monthly Report

You can understand monthly income, monthly expenses and overall profit and loss through monthly reports. You can get information about earning methods by using Revenue by Category option. You can see where your money is going using the Spend by Category option, including things like fuel, car washes and insurance. Monthly reports give you data in the form of text and pie charts, which can help you in your presentation.

Booking Report

You may learn which vehicle was reserved by which client from a booking record. what hour and what day? You may learn details like the location where the car will be picked up and dropped off, the number of passengers, and its state. You may arrange it up by month, type of car, and client. Multiple search entries are possible. The report may be readily exported.

User Report

Which users add automobile reservations are revealed by user reports. Here, you may locate the client's pickup and drop-off times, as well as their location. Additionally, you may learn about the progress of your trip and the costs involved. From the search box, you may look for items and export them in a number of different formats.

Work Order Report

You can see the report of vehicles shipped to XYZ vendor on each date in the work order. You can read details about the vehicle's condition, work order cost, total cost of components, and the cost of shipping the vehicle to the seller.

Fuel Report

A fuel report can give you information on the date and which vehicle was used. How many gallons of fuel were used? How many km do the vehicles run? And you can check its mileage and you can get information about the cost of the trip.

Driver Report

You may find out from the driver report how much a driver makes during month XYZ.

Customer Report

Your top 10 clients' monthly payments are included in the customer report along with their names.

Vendor Report

You may learn from the vendor report how much was paid to vendor XYZ over the course of two date periods.

Yearly Report

The annual report tells you how much income and expenses you have incurred in a year, total annual profit or loss. Income by Category provides information on how you earn income. Expenses by category gives you information on how you spend money, such as car wash, fuel, etc. All these annual reports are provided in colorful pie charts.

Driver Payment Report

Reports of all transactions made with drivers are available here.