New Bookings

A.Select new customer

customer can be easily added from here by providing necessary information hence user do not required to create from customer module.

B.New Booking

Follow below listed steps to create new booking successfully.

Step 1 - Create customer or select customer.

Step 2 - Select Pick up and drop off date & time.

Step 3 - Select vehicle. (Only active vehicles are visible.)

Step 4 - Select Driver. (Only active drivers are visible.)

Step 5 - Select no of travellers.

( User can add numbers of travellers upto its vehicle capacity which has been set while creating vehicle types.)

Step 6 - Add pick up and drop off address.

Step 7 - Add relevant note if applicable.

Step 8 - Add user defined filed.

Step 9 - Click on save bookings.


User can have the option to establish time interval for booking same vehicles and drivers from setting module - general setting.The vehicle and driver will then be reserved in accordance with the configured time frame.

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