A.Add Fuel

Select Vehicle - Only enabled vehicles are displayed.

Date - Enter date

Start Meter - Initial kilometre shown on vehicle before fuelling.

State/Province - Enter place name where you are fuelling.

Select Image - Upload image of vehicle if required.

Fuel is coming from – Select appropriate option. If vendor option is selected then select vendor name from the dropdown menu. (To see vendor name list, create vendors in vendor module first.

Fuel Quantity and cost – Enter Fuel quantity and cost.

(Fuel Quantity Parameters is to be set from General settings.)

Note - Enter Note if required

B.Fuel History

Fuel history includes -

Add Fuel Entries

o Apply search & multi search

o Apply delete and multi delete

o Show entries ( 10,25,50 & 100)

Edit Fuel History

Users can edit or modify the recorded fuel history by taking action.

Delete Fuel History

Users can delete fuel history from the records.

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